Monday, March 16, 2009

Days 40-49, or something like that

I've been very lax in taking every day. I hit a I-don't-want-to-have-to-do-anything snag, I think, and I'm trying to get back on track.

The following 10 photos were taken over the course of a couple of days. A couple are documentation of events or moments, like the one of G during an orchestra concert or the sudden reflection of the yard on the bumper of the car.

Catch The Buddha

Oh, the Calla Lilies Are in Bloom

Bumper Reflections

Peeking at the Violin Section

Razzle Tazzle

Pretty Senora

Spring Leaves

Stilted Trailers

Somerset & the Sunset

Came in Through the Office Window


Keith said...

Holy cow Erin! These are great. Where to start? At first I couldn't comment on one or two and then return to the photo page to comment on the rest. I figured out a way. I opened the blog on another tab. Anyway, I love the pics and also the titles you gave them.

Re: Buddah - I really like the color, lines and everything in the pic adds visual interest.

Re: Calla - this is awesome in its simplicity it makes me feel peaceful looking at it.

Re: Bumper Reflection- This is interesting but it does make me feel a bit dizzy looking at it.

Re: Violin section- I am intrigued by this because you kind of defied all common rules about the subject being in primary focus. However I am fascinated by this. The foreground is interesting, bright, and in sharp focus but you can't help but be drawn to the background because I know something very dynamic and interesting is going on there. Pretty cool. I'll have to play with this idea.

Razzle Tazzle - great play with color and depth of field. This is getting, isn't it?

The Office Window- This is really cool. Is it the view from your office window? It almost looks like a painting.

Erin B. said...

Wow, Keith, I really appreciate that. I've felt pretty blah about them, actually - just trying to fill my quota. I do this; I know this about myself. Just gotta get through it.

The last photo is taken from our office window. I don't know if you remember the set up, but my desk is in a corner; there's a window to my left, half behind Jack's desk, that faces west. It stays covered in a plastic film for insulation, which is kind of a bummer when taking photos of the gorgeous sunsets, but this one worked in its own weird way.