Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 53 -- Help?

I thought it was another setting from when I took indoors, but clearly not. Is the graininess just an ISO issue, or is there something else I'm not doing that's keeping a bunch of noise in my shots?


Rich said...

what was ISO at? Grain definitely occurs at higher ISO. You probably needed 200 for this shot. Also, that yellow is super hot. be careful of stuff like that in the sun. it's like trying to take a picture of the sun. blows everything out.

Keith said...

Just a guess.. maybe you exposed for the bright highlights and your original picture didn't capture any shadow detail. Then you may have brightened the dark areas that really didn't capture the shadow detail well?

If that is the case, you can do a spot exposure in the face or wherever you want it to set perfectly and you may get an acceptable balance of shadow/mid tone/highlight detail... or over expose a stop or 2. Just a thought because that looks like some of my pics where I try to show detail that never got captured.

Now having said that, and probably being way off base, you may be able to do something interesting in BW or high contrast BW with this pic.

Rich said...

Erin, let me know if you want me to look at your camera settings to see if i can find any things you can adjust.

Erin B. said...

Thanks guys, and I may do that, Rich. I did remember to lower my ISO for my shots yesterday, but unfortunately, I've hit a glitch getting them onto my computer (it was full; am deleting files now to make room).

But I also don't understand Keith's suggestions about exposing bright highlights and spot exposure, but suspect that may be about what I do in photoshop more than the settings on my camera.

Keith said...

Actually you need to get the detail in your camera first. Usually there is a choice as to how you want the exposure read--spot or some sort of averaging of the whole scene. Again you can use the +/- setting to manually over/under expose. The owners manual is a good source of info.

You can brighten in p-shop but there has to be some detail captured. Otherwise you get a mottled look. I only know because I have made this mistake...more than once

Anonymous said...

As your Dad always said, "I would tell you what the problem is, but you'll remember it better if I let you work it out yourself." Actually, the subject matter more than cancels the photographic problems. LB