Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 50

Self Portrait

More Signs of Spring


Rich said...

Good tone in the self portrait Erin.

Keith said...

Erin, I like the self portrait. I like the kind of high key lighting as well as the tone. Was there back lighting? or was it done afterward.

It's also a nice pic of you looking thoughtful...were you thinking something profound or "how can I get this picture to work so I can post something on that stupid blog?" Anyway, great photo of you... the hair, expression, lighting, and tone all come together.

Erin B. said...

Thank you. I'm playing, and have some other ideas I'd like to try in the coming week.

It was done with all natural light; a stark white wall behind me. The main light source was to the left. One lesser source behind me, to the right.

What was I thinking? Option #2, along with, "It was focused on Jack, who was sitting here when I left the camera. I hope it doesn't try anything funny and refocus." Can't you tell by the set of my jaw?