Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm starting to hate this. J and I always disagree on which picture to post each day. We like different things; as a consequence, I'm never sure if I've chosen the best one.

Today I drove The Boy and three of his closest friends to Dundracon, so, before and after the drive, they became my subjects. I was disappointed with my ability to capture them. I also experimented with black and white, and am only partially happy with the results.

So, which picture to post? How about this one: The four of them made a pact to lay claim to one of the hotel rooms just for themselves, instead of sharing with some of their other buds.

And which one did J choose? He chose three. They're on my pbase site: 03, 20, and 06. Because I'm not an objective party, I'd love to hear any thoughts on the group. Which is your fave? Which doesn't work for you?


Keith said...

You've returned the the land of the living on a creative roll. Welcome back.
I haven't checked out pbase yet but I really like this one. I have a "hands" project that I have done some work on and more in my mind. I like the BW as well.
This, again, is cool in that you captured a mood and very dynamic human interactions without a face. That still fascinates me how you did that before.

Keith said...

ONe more thing... I cheat and post more than one. I'm not proud. Perhaps I should go withjust one.

Erin B. said...

What's your hands project? Is there a place to see it?

Rich said...

They are all good Erin. I do like this hand one in black and white the best though. this is your project. does not matter what others say really.

Erin B. said...

That's true, R. It's hard not to turn to someone else, though, doubting my own eye.